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Our Ethical Fee Model

We never bill based on time worked

MBCG never charges fees based on hours worked, nor do we work on a success-only basis.

There’s a sound reason for that: Billing based on time, whether hours, days, or any multiple thereof, is inherently unethical because it is in conflict with the client’s best interests. The client is best served when issues are transformed or resolved quickly, but the time-billing service provider is best served when the time involved is lengthy. Solving a problem or improving the condition of the client organisation fast is extraordinarily valuable for the client, but works out poorly for a service provider if they are billing by the time unit.

Instead, Melbourne Business Consulting Group professional fees are set by agreement with the client and are based on a range of factors, such as the difficulty or technical complexity and size of the proposed project or transaction, the client’s capacity to pay, the likelihood of success, and the amount of the work that must be undertaken to achieve the desired result, and the value we can deliver as an outcome of our services, expertise, experience and advice.

On larger projects, our fees will generally comprise a combination of a monthly retainer and a project or transaction completion fee. On smaller projects we may agree on a fixed fee for fixed scope.

Our aim is always to ensure clients benefit from significant returns on the investment made in our advisory services. We believe it’s only ethical to work this way.

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